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The primary source of this Blog are the writings and opinions of Kevin E. Ready, Sr., an attorney, author, former military officer and former Congressional candidate.

Kevin Ready is an attorney with forty years of experience. He is admitted to practice law in the Unites States Supreme Court, many federal court jurisdictions and in the states of California, Colorado and Iowa.  He has primarily worked as a legal counsel for the government at both the federal and local government level. He has advised government agencies and officials on a myriad of legal issues, including administrative law, law enforcement operations, election law, taxation law, public policy law, legislative drafting, real property law and many other areas. Kevin has practiced general advisory law, trial advocacy and appellate advocacy. As an appellate attorney, Kevin was primary counsel on several landmark cases, including those ruling on government activities involving elections, taxation legislation and environmental law procedures.

Kevin Ready served as a commissioned officer in both the US Army and US Navy. In the US Navy, Kevin was a Surface Warfare Officer with duties both as a missile officer on a guided missile cruiser and as Tactical Action Officer for a carrier battle group. As a US Army officer, Kevin was a Judge Advocate General corps officer with service as the command judge advocate for the US military agency responsible for military procurement of ordnance systems and supplies. Prior to his commissioned military service, Kevin served as an interpreter of Arabic and Russian languages for a US intelligence agency.   Kevin was decorated for his service in the Persian Gulf, in Vietnam boat people rescue operations and was commended for intelligence activities in Cold War-era West Berlin.

Kevin was a major party candidate for US Congress in general elections in both Iowa and California. In both elections, he lost to an incumbent Congressman, but received many important endorsements, including from major newspapers and national organizations. Kevin served as an aide, advance person and campaign coordinator in presidential and congressional elections.

Kevin Ready has written several books, including an analysis of the TWA 800 incident, a book on global warming and several novels. He lives on the central coast of California with his wife, Olga, and family. Both of Kevin’s older sons served in the Iraq War, in-country, in Kuwait and Iraq.