The Electoral College Really is Rigged – What It Really Does

About the Electoral College – The gibberish you hear this week about the Electoral College being a high-minded or gloriously successful attempt at political stability is mainly a bunch of BS. Few people realize that the primary reason for the Electoral College system in the original US Constitution was for the protection of slavery and slave owning states.

The great compromise that was reached over the counting of slaves in the Census carried over to the the allotment of seats in Congress and therefore to the number of Electors each state got. The higher population Northern states had their number of actual voters offset with the 3/5ths population count given to each nonvoting slave in the South. So, in 1800-1860, Virginia had more Electoral votes than the large northern states like Pennsylvania and New York even though the popular vote would be higher in the Northern states. Thus, five of the first six Presidents were slave-owning Southerners. Thomas Jeffereson lost the popular vote to Aaron Burr, but won the Electoral College based upon the result of the 3/5ths slave vote weight of the Electoral College. With the end of slavery this purpose for the Electoral College dimmed, but in recent years the influx of undocumented immigrants has again overweighted the Electoral College toward California, Texas and other states with high numbers of nonvoting undocumented residents.

Those 13,000,000 undocumented immigrants are counted in the US Census and pump up the numbers of Electoral College clout for the primarily Sun-Belt and industrial states that are heavy in undocumenteds.

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