Trump’s Manager’s Contract with Pro-Russian Politican

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager had a contract for 7+ years to act as a foreign agent on behalf of now-deposed pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych.

Donald Trump and Paul Manafort, UPI photo

Paul Manafort’s firm’s contract with the Yanukovich political entity called on them to earn in excess of $35,000 per month to act as Yanukovych’s agent in the United States and provide political advice and direction. A copy of the contract including a letter addressed to Manafort outlining the duties can be found on the US Dept of Justice’s Foreign Agents Registration Act website. The link to the document is

Viktor Yanukovich and Vladimir Putin

The Trump Campaign Manager has said recently that the contract for political consulting services ended with the 2014 election in Ukraine, but we have been unable to find a posting terminating the Foreign Agent’s Registration Act filing by Manafort’s firm.

In spite of the lengthy seven-plus year relationship with Ukarinian politicians, there are very few photos available with Manafort and his clients. Advertising the relationship was not in the best interests of his clients or Manafort.

In addition to the action as a Foreign Agent for the pro-Russian politician, other documents outlining the status of Manafort-related businesses included acting on behalf of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria and several other countries. Filing statements about this ongoing relationship with foreign governments by Manafort can also be found on the US Dept of Justice website.

It is interesting to note that the documents filed with US DOJ report that Manafort’s duties included meeting with the US Dept of State on behalf of various foreign governments during the time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

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