Hillary Clinton’s Legislative Record

Quoting Meredith Shiner’s article on Yahoo, here is a synopsis of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as a legislator in her 8 years in the US Senate.  

Link to Meredith’s full article https://www.yahoo.com/news/the-hillary-clinton-record-in-the-senate-she-116148327116.html

In the eight years she served as a senator, Clinton introduced three bills that became law, a 2008 bill “to designate a portion of United States Route 20A, located in Orchard Park, N.Y., as the ‘Timothy J. Russert Highway,’” a 2006 bill to name a Averill Park, N.Y., post office the “Major George Quamo Post Office Building” and the 2003 “Kate Mullany National Historic Site Act” to get national historic status for the New York home of an early female labor leader.

Clinton was a co-sponsor on 73 other pieces of legislation that became law, most notably the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which was approved before she resigned to become secretary of state, and a 2008 bill to improve veterans’ mental health care.

Significantly, of those 73 co-sponsored bills that became law, 25 were led by Republicans — and 17 of those GOP-led bills were introduced by members who have since left Congress. But Clinton’s close working relationship with Republicans in Congress began to fray during her years at State, both because fewer members knew her personally any more, and because of the rising partisanship of the Obama era.