Cruz Demands Medical and Psych Check of Trump

Quoting to an Examiner article,  see link below:

The ongoing saga between Republican front runner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has continued, reaching new lows after a report in the National Enquirer claimed that the Texas senator had an affair with at least five women. After denying the reports, the Cruz campaign called for the release of Trump’s medical records.


After Trump threatened to release private information and “spill the beans” to Cruz’s wife Heidi, the Tea Party favorite has been in constant denial. Calling the allegations of a sex scandal from the National Enquirer “garbage,” Cruz’s campaign manager took to Twitter in an attempt to call out the billionaire real estate mogul, as reported by The Hill on March 25.

“MISSING #SleazyDonald: Why no events in 4 days; none planned for 8,” campaign manager Jeff Roe tweeted out shortly after 2:30 p.m. local time. Continuing, Roe asked, “Ever had psychological eval? What is hiding in medical records! Release!” The tweet highlights the fact that Trump has not made a public appearance since his threat on Tuesday night.

The Trump campaign has gone on the record to deny any truth that they leaked information to the National Enquirer about the alleged sex scandal, despite the accusation from Cruz. With the Republican National Convention just four months away, Trump is still considered the favorite with Cruz having an outside shot at a comeback. Ohio Gov, John Kasich is still in the race, but with only 143 delegates to his name, is not expected to last much longer.

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